This is our second, yet first official project. Titled 'Amplified', this project focuses on collaboration and audio-visual work. Between the choices of audio samples from Casey Bailey or the Royal Society of Arts, I decided to develop my research into the two pieces of audio from the RSA as I feel they'd be more understandable; especially given the fact with Casey's I'd have much more freedom that I feel I wouldn't take advantage of. 
Unlike most of my projects, I approached this one quite differently. Typically, I'd head straight to websites such as Pinterest for inspiration based off of my brief then draw from what other people have put online. Instead I will take a drawing of mine and add music that I believe best suits the mood and 'vibe' of the audio files. I decided to go for songs I believe sounded very upbeat and positive and reminded me of nature and the environment in whatever way. Having began this journey like so, I believe that it has helped me broaden my opportunity for ideas, as simply turning to Pinterest alone restricts the variation of ideas. I used to only replicate other people's work, but now I have realised I am capable of generating my own response.
Reflecting from this I feel that by doing such a task, I now have a better understanding of my audience. This is because have matched the audience for the RSA brief to those who may listen to this type of music. In the future, I feel that I could approach new projects in different ways without the fear of disappointment as I have now seen the outcome of this.
Breaking Reality animation practice

We then had a task titled 'breaking reality'. For this I thought I could integrate an animation I made a while ago of Garfield with an illustration overlayed to a TV I scanned and digitally added a greenscreen.
The second animation I did was of two clips I found; one being a scene from Garfield and one of a ginger cat. Having blended the real cat over the Garfield cat I like how it gives the mood of breaking reality, since it shows two perspectives of cats in completely different realities. 
The sound was also something I experimented with. Using websites online to help create my own pieces of sound, I found that they play an important role in changing the mood of the video. The one I decided to use had a very ominous tone to it; one in which made the video slightly more unnerving to watch. I enjoyed yet again playing with how sound impacts a video and would want to see how I can incorporate this into my future projects.
Overall, this work was a good way for me to push the boundaries with what I am capable of since I tend to stick with the same process for creating illustrations. I now also feel that I can approach tasks in different ways. At first this idea of creative freedom frightened me as I was worried I'd end up missing out on what I could do better. However, next time I approach a task like this, I will simply persevere and find out at the final outcome if I should change anything.
For my research I was looking into various podcasts focusing on climate change, researching into the speaker Ichioka and finding visual pieces produced with similar themes to my project and looking into documentaries about climate change and sustainability. As the matter of climate change is something I hold close to myself already, I feel that I may be provided with more content online when I'm not intentionally looking into it than most people.
I found it very helpful to watch previous winners or entries for past RSA moving pictures competitions as a way to potentially generate new ideas of creative approaches to the brief.
It definitely allows me to see this project in a complete new set of eyes; especially since my initial ideas are somewhat different or at least tweaked by the past contestants. As a result I feel more confident in experimenting with techniques that I am not that confident in.
I also paid a visit to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens as a sort of inspiration and research into our climate and nature. It was very intriguing seeing many of the patterns and designs nature has created and I felt that I could create some mark making based off of this. I thought this would be fitting since nature is one of the best directions as the audience can feel connected with it.
Main Work

A rough idea for the colour palette for RSA video decided by my group. Chosen because we drew inspiration from nature and made it more playful to appeal to a younger audience.

Planning, using a storyboard to visualise the video

I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the transformation process that a butterfly undergoes through my research. I discovered that the butterfly's metamorphosis is not just a physical transformation, but also a symbol of change and renewal. This symbolic meaning provided a deeper layer of meaning to my idea, allowing me to use it as a representation of change being necessary.

About 20 slides of stop motion

First half of the video made. All of our ideas merged together and worked well.

Getting to know Premier Pro by merging all the other group's videos and my own for the project

Having used Premier Pro for the first time for tis project, I felt like I was jumped into the deep end. There was so much I could do, however I had no idea how to find these in the software. It took a large amount of trial and error before I gradually found out what I could be capable of. The image to the left shows the part of the video in which I enlarged a PNG of the recycling logo and faded it to a video I animated of a crowd of people jumping for joy. Yet again matching the playfulness to engage with our chosen younger audience. I also thought it was best to keep the crowd simplistic with no faces so that it doesn't exclude anyone watching it and so they feel more connected to it.
I did originally want to add this clip of two kangaroos fighting in the moving pictures project under the part where Ichioka mentions how we need to not argue against stories. I felt kangaroos were a perfect symbolic image of fighting with sticking to our nature route, however my group preferred to use someone else's interpretation of two deers locking antlers. Although my work was neglected, it would help me for in future collaborative projects as not all of my work will be taken into account for. I now better understand that as much as I can contribute my all into a project, I am prepared to face criticism and have equal involvement in work.
Final Video
Working on this amplified project has turned out to be be a great experience. Collaborating with others allows for a diverse range of perspectives and skills to be brought to the project, leading to a more well-rounded and dynamic final product. The people I worked with had many different ideas and having those integrated with mine was something I have hardly done before since I've stuck to the comforts of working independently.
As well as reflecting on the benefits of this project, there always poses obstacles along the way. Communication can sometimes be difficult, leading to miscommunications or delays in the project's progress. I have learned that communicating in person rather than online eliminates so much stress and confusion between us all. Therefore if I were to do more teamwork in the future, I'd highly encourage my group to meet up. Time management can also be a challenge, especially when coordinating schedules among multiple people. With the looming deadline approaching us, I felt we had no chance of completing our desired outcome in the timeframe we'd have liked. Although this stress was brought upon by the fact I personally set myself goals which are more often than not unachievable, since I've always strived for that perfection.
Despite these difficulties, the benefits of working in a group far outweigh the challenges and I feel that the final result is a testament to the power of collaboration, and is the stepping stones to many future projects in which I can look back on this one to reflect.
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